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JFS-B-040-0, JFS-B-040-0-E
Established on July 31, 2018

The Japan Fluid Power System Society (hereinafter referred to as “JFPS”) establishes its privacy policy as follows. The contents hereof are reviewed on a continuous basis for improvement and progress.

1. Collection of personal information

We collect to the necessary extent information that is voluntarily provided to us by our members and the users of our services, as well as any persons involved in our business. While collecting personal information, we clearly specify the purpose thereof and in principle act in accordance with the intention of the person who may be identified by the information provided.

2. Use of personal information

We use the collected personal information for the following purposes:

  (1) Identification; invoicing of membership dues; provision of services related to applications; invoicing of usage fees; and notification of the modification, suspension, or termination of terms and conditions or of the cancellation of the contract, with respect to the provision of services for use.
  (2) Provision of information necessary for our operations, such as the dispatching of notices for general meetings, our journals and collections of papers, and mutual communication among the members (committee) of our organization.
  (3) In addition to the aforementioned points, survey to provide information on various services of this society and to improve services

However, we may use or disclose the personal information provided for purposes other than the purpose for which it was collected in any of the following cases:

  (1) When required pursuant to the provisions stipulated by country’s laws and regulations.
  (2) With the consent of the relevant person himself/herself.
  (3) When outsourcing in whole or part the handling of personal information within the scope necessary for achieving our business purposes.
(e.g., when informing the company, to which we outsource the delivery, etc. of our services, of the name and address of the person to whom the delivery is intended).

3. Management of personal information

We create appropriate personal information management manuals and enforce the provisions thereof in order to avoid the disclosure to outside parties, destruction, alteration, or loss of the personal information collected by us. However, the personal information that has been disclosed by the relevant person himself or herself or already been made public is not under our control.

4. Disclosure and revision of personal information

If a person to whom the personal information collected by us belongs requests the disclosure thereof, we shall do as requested in principle within a reasonable time. When there is an offer to correct the personal information about oneself, we shall correct in principle without delay.

5. Handling of personal information on our website

The website built by JFPS (hereinafter referred to as this “website”) shall be used at the user’s own responsibility. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur from or in connection with the use of various information obtained from this site or from any other website to which a link is provided from this website.

6. Cookies

This website does not use cookies. In addition, although this website collects logs on the statistical analysis of accesses to this website for the improvement of our services, such logs do not contain the identifying information of any individual.

7. Amendment of our privacy policy

We may amend our privacy policy without notice. The updated privacy policy is always applied to the personal information collected by us. Any such amendment shall be posted on this website and will come into effect on the date of the posting the amendment.

8. Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information

If you have any inquiries regarding the personal information protection at JFPS, please contact us using the following details:

Administration Office
Japan Fluid Power System Society (JFPS)
Tel: +81-3-3433-8441
Fax: +81-3-3433-8442

The Japan Fluid Power System Society (JFPS)
Kikaishinko Building, 3-5-22 Shiba-koen, Minatoku, Tokyo, 105-0011, Japan

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