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Business guide

The main business of the Japan Fluid Power System Society is
 1.Planning and holding workshops, seminars, research
 2.Publication of academic journals and academic books
 3.Conducting research and surveys
 4.Promotion of research and recognition of research achievements
 5.Liaison and cooperation with related academic societies in Japan and overseas
 6.Other projects necessary to achieve the objectives, and is mainly implemented as follows.


Publication of "Journal of the Japan Fluid Power System Society" (free distribution)

Published bi-monthly (odd-numbered months) and "Shady nook special issue" (August issue), seven times a year.
Contents: There are articles ranging from the basics for those who will study oil hydraulics, pneumatics, and/or water hydraulics to the latest technology. Information on related technologies including high technology and mechatronics technology is also included.

  2. Publication of "Transactions of the Japan Fluid Power System Society"
  3. Proceedings of research meetings
Issued twice a year every spring and autumn Teaching materials for workshops and seminars are issued each time
  4. Other publications
- Issuance of hydraulic and pneumatic handbook
- Publication of academic books for specific themes
- Publication of hydraulic and pneumatic technical documents


Research meeting

Fluid Power System Meetings are held every spring (Tokyo) and autumn (Osaka and others) to present and discuss members' research results. You can hear the latest trends and opinions. (Proceedings of research meeting are published)

  2. Symposium
The purpose is to give lectures and discussions on a specific theme. International symposiums are held every three years.
  3. Seminar
We hold a summer hydraulic and pneumatic seminar. This is focusing on technologies related to hydraulic and pneumatic technology, and is intended for hydraulic and pneumatic engineers.
  4. Training session
In order to improve the expertise and related knowledge of members, we select technical issues as themes and ask experts from those fields to give lecturers. (It is held at least twice a year.)
  5. Tour
Tours of factories, research institutes, etc. for the purpose of spreading members' views.
  6. Co-sponsored events with other academic societies
There are co-sponsored events with the Automatic Control Joint Lecture, the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, and others.


A research committee will be set up for a specific theme related to oil hydraulics, pneumatics and water hydraulics technology. The results will be reported through presentations at Fluid Power System Meetings and publications in journals.



The Japan Fluid Power System Society Awards (Academic Paper Award, Academic Contribution Award, Technology Development Award, Technology Achievement Award) are awarded annually to members who have contributed to hydraulic and pneumatic engineering and technology to recognize their achievements.

  2. International exchange
Providing information on international exchanges and exchanging with foreign academic societies.

The Japan Fluid Power System Society (JFPS)
Kikaishinko Building, 3-5-22 Shiba-koen, Minatoku, Tokyo, 105-0011, Japan

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