Japan Fluid Power System Society (JFPS)

International Symposium


President’s greeting for the second year of his term

It is my honor to make a statement for the second year of my term.

Preparations for the 11th International Symposium on Fluid Power to be held in Hakodate in 2020 are proceeding smoothly, and the website has been opened (http://www.jfps.jp/net/11thjfps/). The preparation for the international symposium will be finally in full swing this year. The venue, Hakodate, is an attractive city, and many fluid power researchers from overseas will participate. I look forward to the participation of many members at the international symposium, which is a valuable opportunity for academic exchange and international exchange.

For preparations of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of The Japan Fluid Power System Society, on behalf of JFPS, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the members for their great cooperation. In accordance with the General Assembly to be held in May 2020, we plan to hold a 50th anniversary celebration of our society. The steering committee for the 50th anniversary ceremony is preparing for commemorative projects such as a text book of functional fluids, a commemorative journal, special issues of JFPS journal, and archives of JFPS journals. The 50th anniversary project is a project that cannot be done without the understanding and cooperation of members. I would thank you from the bottom of my heart to further your support.

The fall domestic conference of this year will be held in November in Toyama. We plan to have three-day sessions this time, so we look forward to the participation of many members. I will actively work on academic issues, such as the activation of research committees and the strengthening of academic foundations.

Finally, with the guidance of all members in this term, I will do my best to manage the society. I would like to ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

July, 2019

President of JFPS Kazushi SANADA
Yokohama National University

Board of Directors

Position Name Institutions
President Kazushi SANADA Yokohama National University
Vice-president Yutaka Tanaka Hosei University
  Hidehiko SHIMAMURA Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Board member Kazutoshi ITO Shibaura Institute of Technology
  Kazumi ITO KYB Engineering & Service Co., Ltd.
  Koichi OBA Yuken Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  Yukio KAWAKAMI Shibaura Institute of Technology
  Kenji KAWASHIMA Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  Naoyuki SAKAI JTEKT Corporation
  Yukio SAKURAI Ashikaga University
  Yasukazu SATO Yokohama National University
  Hideyuki TSUKAGOSHI Tokyo Institute of Technology
  Yasutaka TSURUGA Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
  Masami NAKANO Tohoku University
  Kenichi NISHIMATA SMC Corporation
  Toshinori FUJITA Tokyo Denki University
  Hisami MURAMATSU National Institute of Technology, Numazu College
  Kazushiro YOSHIDA Tokyo Institute of Technology
  Kazushiro MARUTA Komatsu Ltd.
  Toshihiro YOSHIMITSU Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Auditor Akihiko IGUCHI CKD Corporation
  Masahiro TAKAIWA Tokushima University

Job title is appointed as director (May 2019)